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Medical Negligence Malpractice

Medical malpractice generally results when a patient feels their doctor or other health professional failed to follow established standards of performance. Most people realise that doctors are not miracle workers. If a patient had a limb amputated in an accident, it would be unreasonable to expect a doctor to restore the limb to its original condition. However if a serious infection results from carelessness on the part of the doctor, then negligence can be claimed. Medical malpractice is very controversial in that it is claimed to be the leading cause of high prices, insurance, and even the shortage of health professionals.

What is Medical Negligence Malpractice?

Medical negligence malpractice covers a very broad area simply because the medical field itself is so broad and diverse. Within the medical field you have doctors, nurses, medical technicians, paramedics, pharmacists, drug companies, and hospitals or clinics. The result of the malpractice may have resulted in permanent physical or mental damage; complications which required additional care and/or expense; or even the death of the patient.

Medical negligence malpractice has become very specialised within the legal community as a result. Solicitors or firms now specialise in handling specific types of medical practice such as cancer, brain injuries, or other diseases. There are also legal firms who focus on handling cases dealing with hospitals and clinics or even a drug company. A medical negligence malpractice case can sometimes take years to conclude due to the nature of the case or its complexity (not to mention the appeals process).

Medical negligence malpractice cases are commonly initiated based on a doctor misdiagnosis of a disease; prescribing the wrong medication; or mishandled surgical procedures. Such cases are difficult because the burden of proof is on the person filing the suit. They must prove that the medical professional's actions, or inactions, directly resulted in the injury claimed. The treatment of any medical disorder comes with inherent risks, especially if surgery is involved. The fact a patient isn't cured or the surgery didn't fix 100% of the problem is not evidence of medical negligence. This is where a skilled solicitor can help you with your case.

Where Can I Find Medical Negligence Malpractice Companies?

If you feel you are the victim of medical negligence malpractice, you should seek the assistance of a solicitor who specialises in your type of injury. Legal firms have specialised in medical negligence malpractice and within a firm are solicitors who specialise in the various types of medical practices. In the UK you can seek the counsel of such legal firms as:

  • JMW Solicitors LLP
  • Madkour Law Firm
  • Baker & McKenzie
  • Crowell & Moring LLP
  • Nixon Peabody LLP

Estimated Costs of Medical Negligence Malpractice Companies

Legal services for medical negligence malpractice cases can be expensive. This is due primarily because of the time (which is the general basis of legal fees) and the need for expert witnesses. Many firms offer a free consultation to get a very basic understanding of your case. Once a solicitor decides to handle your case they will provide more detail as to the costs. Some options available are: no-win, no-fee. A percentage of the settlement, fixed fee and pro-bono where there is no cost what-so-ever for the legal service.

Though sometimes difficult to prove, no one should suffer needlessly due to medical negligence. If you or a loved one has been injured find a qualified medical malpractice legal firm. Once you have hired your medical malpractice legal firm, you need to monitor the case progress to ensure your solicitors are working to your best interests.