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Types of Malpractise Law Firms

Malpractice has become a very financially rewarding area for many law firms. However it is also an area that requires a high level of expertise. Because of the emotional and technical aspects of a malpractice case, they can be very lengthy and complex. This area of law is also considered very controversial. The basis that malpractice suits, especially in the medical field, are considered the number one reason health care is rising. It has also been claimed that many doctors and other health care professionals are either leaving the medical field or are very conservative in how they treat patient illnesses.

What are Types of Malpractice Law Firms?

You can classify the types of malpractice law firms into three broad categories: medical, legal, and other. Medical malpractice is the largest, covers a number of medical areas, and is generally considered the most common form of a malpractice lawsuit. Legal malpractice is also common where a person feels their attorney did not properly handle their legal case. The other category includes such professions as accountants, veterinarians, social workers, and similar professionals. There are not as many cases comparatively as for the other two.

Medical malpractice covers a very large area as well. In this category are doctors, dentists, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacists, and drug companies. Just about anyone in the medical profession who fails to follow accepted professional standards could find themselves in court facing medical malpractice charges. For that reason most medical professionals such as doctors and dentists carry medical malpractice insurance to help pay for the expenses. Other health care workers and institutions also obtain insurance or are covered by an employer's medical malpractice insurance.

Where Can I Find Types of Malpractice Law Firms Companies?

There are lawyers who specialise in this type of legal work. They either have their own practice or are part of a larger legal firm. There are also entire legal firms who specialise in malpractice work, especially medical malpractice. That is because such cases can be very complex and time consuming and a lot of resources may be required to bring a successful verdict for the client.

When searching for a malpractice law firm, you need to do a lot of research to ensure they will be able to successfully handle your case. You should enquire about the types of cases they have handled, the success rate, and settlement awards. Within the UK there are a number of solicitor firms which handle malpractice work. These include such firms as:

  • Lanyon Bowdler, Solicitors;
  • Farleys-Solicitors,LLP;
  • Forbes Solicitors; or
  • Baach Robinson & Lewis PLLC

Estimated Costs of Types of Malpractice Law Firms Companies

As with any legal service, there are a lot of factors and options which come into play regarding the fee. Many firms offer a free consultation to get a very basic understanding of your case. Based on that consultation the firm decides whether or not to handle your case. If they do, they will provide more detail as to the costs. Some options available are: no-win, no-fee; percentage of settlement; fixed fee; and pro-bono where there is no cost what-so-ever for the legal service.

If you feel you have been injured as a result of professional negligence, they you should consult a local solicitor to determine your rights. Your local solicitor may or may not be qualified to handle your specific case however he or she should be able to refer you to a qualified malpractice legal firm. Once you have hired your malpractice legal firm, you need to monitor the case’s progress to ensure your solicitors are working to your best interests.