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Hospital Medical Malpractice

Hospitals and clinics as institutions can be considered legally as a person. If the policies and procedures established result in a patient receiving substandard care then the hospital or clinic is open to a claim of negligence. It is this negligence that defines the term malpractice. A claim could be filed because the hospital failed to have adequate supplies of drugs or other medical supplies. Similarly they could be held liable if their certification process is faulty and an incompetent doctor or nurse is allowed to work there.

What is Hospital Medical Malpractice?

Hospital medical malpractice results when a patient suffers harm or injury while being treated in a hospital. This could be in addition to a suit filed against the patient's doctor. The harm or injury may not be the direct result of a particular physician or nurse. It could also be a lab technician, pharmacist, faulty written protocols or other procedures, or even due to uncleanliness by the custodial staff. Even if a particular physician is being sued, the hospital where the physician performed their treatment could still be held liable. This is due to the physician claiming they were following the hospital's standard procedures and those procedures contributed to the injury.

To that end hospitals carry medical malpractice insurance to cover their staff. They also should employ processes to ensure policies and procedures provide for the safest patient care. Hiring practices of hospitals have also been used to support a hospital medical malpractice claim. The basis is that the practices did not ensure the person was properly qualified for the position. This can also apply to ongoing staff training procedures.

Where Can I Find Hospital Medical Malpractice Companies?

Within the UK you can contact any medical malpractice solicitor firm to obtain advice on a hospital medical malpractice claim. Among the firms you can contact are:

  • DLA Piper
  • King & Spalding
  • Nabarro LLP
  • Stikeman Elliott LLP

Estimated Costs of Hospital Medical Malpractice Companies

Solicitors generally charge by the hour and hospital medical malpractice cases can take a lot of time to resolve. When you are discussing your case with a solicitor, and you should see more than one, make sure they inform you of the estimated time and expense. Also ask them about various payment options such as no win, no pay or percentage of settlement. Some may even do it pro-bono so your expenses can really be reduced.

A person who is treated at a hospital either in-patient or out-patient should receive the best treatment possible. If you feel your treatment was inadequate or became worse as a result of your hospital visit, consult a solicitor for advice. You may very well have a basis for a hospital medical malpractice case and deserve proper legal recourse.