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Brain Injury Medical Malpractice

Malpractice is generally defined as a breach of professional standards that results in another party being injured physically or emotionally or both. The term is generally applied to claiming negligence on the part of the professional themselves or by someone acting officially on their behalf. To most people the term malpractice is usually associated with the medical profession. However malpractice can also incur with other professionals such as social workers, lawyers, or accountants. Just about anyone who is considered a professional and can be proved they were negligent in following generally accepted standards of the profession could be found guilty.

What is Brain Injury Medical Malpractice?

Brain injuries can be caused by a lot things which can range from minor problems to even death. This type of injury can be temporary or permanent. Among the problems which can result are memory loss, temporary or permanent muscle control, or a temporary or permanent loss of sight or hearing. Brain injury can also impact cognitive skills such as communicating, problem solving, and sleep.

Brain injury medical malpractice occurs when medical professionals, hospitals, or clinics fail to meet accepted standards. This can happen due to misdiagnosis, improperly following standard techniques or procedures, prescribing the wrong medications, or failure to apply prompt or any medical treatment. For example, a patient undergoing surgery suffers a brain injury due to improperly administered anaesthesia. Or a patient received a hit in the head and the doctor didn't properly recognise brain swelling.

Brain injury medical malpractice not only affects the patient, but also the family. A person with a severe brain injury can place a significant burden on the family and other loved ones. This burden can be financial and psychological. A patient who suffered brain injury medical malpractice may require care for many years. A patient's family may not be able to provide the care themselves due to other commitments and hiring a caregiver may be too expensive.

Where Can I Find Brain Injury Medical Malpractice Companies?

If a family member or loved one is the victim of brain injury medical malpractice, you can consult with a solicitor who handles medical malpractice. These include such firms as:

  • Arnold & Porter
  • A&L Goodbody
  • Crowell & Moring LLP
  • Duane Morris LLP

Estimated Costs of Brain Injury Medical Malpractice Companies

When you are discussing a solicitor's fee there are many factors to be considered. Many firms offer a free consultation to get a very basic understanding of your case. After the consultation, the firm or solicitor decides whether or not to handle your case. If they take the case, they will provide more detail as to the costs. Some options available are: no-win, no-fee, a percentage of the settlement, fixed fee and pro-bono where there is no cost what-so-ever for the legal service.

If you feel you or a loved one received a brain injury as a result of professional negligence, then you should consult a solicitor. Your local solicitor may or may not be qualified to handle your specific case, however they should be able to refer you to a qualified brain injury medical malpractice legal firm. Be prepared to spend a lot of time with the case as it may not settle quickly.