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Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Whether you are looking for a medical malpractice lawyer, or hoping to become one, this article has been written with the express person to help you locate the information you need. While medical malpractice lawyers, and cases, have been around in the UK for decades, it is only lately that they are truly entering the public eye – and it’s about time. We place our health and lives in the hands of doctors every day, and negligence is not something be taken lightly.

How Do You Find a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

With the growing understanding of patient rights which has led to more and more people realising that they may be entitled to financial compensation, the media prominence of medical malpractice lawyers has increased. Two of the most well-known names – at least for anyone who has watched television in the past couple of years – are InjuryLawyers4U and National Accident Helpline. Both of these firms specialise in claiming compensation for injuries (physical and psychological) that were not your fault, and these most certainly include medical negligence.

Both of these firms operate on a no-win no-fee basis, which means that you don’t pay if you don’t get paid. They can offer this service as they only take on cases where they believe the claimant to have a good reason to do so, and their legally trained advisors are able to tell you with a high degree of accuracy whether your claim is valid. These are not your only option, however.

Another route you can go down is to find a smaller, local law firm that offers medical malpractice lawyer services. Finding these can be a bit more difficult – many of them don’t advertise – but a good place to start is by visiting or calling your local social services office. They will be able to direct you to good local lawyers who specialise in medical malpractice.

Working Within Medical Malpractice Law

Getting a job as a medical malpractice lawyer will require that you have a law degree. These can be obtained from a host of UK higher education institutions. To find out whether a university near you offers a law degree, the best place to look is the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s list of qualifying institutions which is available on their website:

You will then need to contact the relevant institution in order to find out more regarding the courses they have on offer. Once you have graduated, the next step is to apply for a graduate program with a relevant law firm (such as National Accident Helpline); they will then provide you with further training within the specified field, which will allow you to gather the knowledge and experience needed in order to become a successful medical malpractice lawyer.

As mentioned earlier in the article, medical malpractice law is a growing industry and the need for further lawyers is increasing. It may thus serve as an excellent career ladder upon which even a newly graduated lawyer may soon earn a decent wage – while doing a lot of good.