My case was handled with care and professionalism. Your attention to detail and determinedness was admirable. I am delighted with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend you to family & friends.

Weinstein & Wisser Medical Malpractice Law Firm

When mistakes are made by medical professionals, the repercussions can have devastating effects. Medical negligence is not a simple matter to prove and the services of an expert in medical malpractice are essential. Medical malpractice law firms can provide just the expertise that is required and will advise you as well as acting as an advocate.

There are many similarities between American Personal Injury and medical malpractice law and the equivalent law in the UK. However, there are a number of significant differences which can make it confusing to English people who are forced to deal with an unfamiliar legal system. In the UK, solicitors are able to act for clients on a “no-win, no fee basis”, but the American system is different as attorneys are paid a percentage of the winning amount. There are also other contrasting details such as the amount of compensation that can be obtained and the procedures that are followed by the legal representative.

The Weinstein & Wisser Medical Malpractice Law Firm

Weinstein & Wisser, P.C. is a legal representative company with over two decades of expertise and a respected reputation in the profession. Their specialist knowledge of medical matters and human anatomy enables them to excel within this field. If you’re interested in the services of a renowned law firm such as Weinstein & Wisser, P.C., you can contact them by phone or visit them in person.
The areas serviced by the company include: Hartford, Connecticut along with neighbouring cities such as West Hartford, Avon, Newington, Canton, New Britain, Wethersfield, East Hartford, Norwich, Waterbury, Glastonbury, Granby, Manchester, South Windsor, Middletown, Vernon-Rockville, as well as counties that include Tolland County, New Haven County, New London County and Hartford County.

How the Weinstein & Wisser Medical Malpractice Law Firm Can Help You

Their law office can deal with a variety of malpractice cases, including the following:

  • Injury at birth
  • Wrongful diagnosis or failing to diagnose
  • Failing to diagnose and treat correctly
  • Errors during surgery
  • Negligence during emergencies
  • Errors in prescribing drugs and treatment
  • Negligence causing fatalities
  • Cranial trauma
  • Injuries to the spinal cord

Estimated Costs of Weinstein & Wisser Medical Malpractice Law Firm

The initial consultation meant to assess your case is free, whilst the charges required by the company’s attorneys are paid on contingency. Each case is charged on its own merits and Weinstein & Wisser Medical Malpractice Law Firm will be happy to discuss financial matters once they are contacted and informed on the details of your case.

The Weinstein & Wisser Medical Malpractice Law Firm are totally client focused and will act both with and for you. They will enable you to make an informed decision on any medical matter. In addition, their specialists act as advocate for those who are unable to speak for themselves or make their own decisions. Their reputation, expertise and knowledge of medical matters prompts numerous people to turn to them whenever their lives are darkened by the occurrence of a medical malpractice.