My case was handled with care and professionalism. Your attention to detail and determinedness was admirable. I am delighted with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend you to family & friends.

Sapphire Claims Medical Malpractice Law Firm

Medical malpractice law firms enable individuals to claim compensation from a facility or individual that caused them harm out of negligence. Most of these firms charge their fee after winning the case meaning that in case they lose you don’t have to pay them. This however, means that these firms will only take up your case if they are assured of winning because otherwise their services will go unrewarded. This also means that if a medical malpractice law firm takes up your case then you are almost assured of receiving your compensation. Contacting a medical law firm for your claim may help you receive a higher compensation than you would have received if you attempted to make a claim yourself.

The Sapphire Claims Medical Malpractice Law Firm

The Sapphire Claims Law Firm aims to simplify the claim for compensation process for individuals who have suffered injury due to negligence. The law firm has been in existence for over 60 years so you can be sure that the solicitor who helps with your case has a wealth of experience in legal matters and also experience in collecting facts, investigating accidents and taking statements.

The Sapphire Claims Law Firm has three main offices located in England, Wales and Scotland. To contact the firm you can fill out a contact form on their website or call them and they will arrange to meet you at your own convenience. The firm’s activities in relation to claims are regulated by the Ministry of Justice and it complies with the compensation act and protection act so your security is guaranteed. The law firm is committed to ensuring that the compensation process is as simple and straight forward.

How Sapphire Claims Medical Malpractice Law Firm can Help You

The Sapphire Claims Law Firm offers a wide range of services besides those claims for medical negligence. These include:

  • Claims on an accident at your place of work caused by your current or previous employer
  • Claims on diagnosis of a lung disease associated to asbestos exposure and your place of work
  • Claims on industrial sickness
  • Claims on occupational deafness etc.

The services offered relating to medical negligence include:

  • Claim on misdiagnosis
  • Claim on a cosmetic surgery that went wrong
  • Claim on drug interactions.

Estimated Costs of Sapphire Claims Medical Malpractices Law Firm

The Sapphire Claims Law Firm offer their services on a ‘no win no fee’ basis meaning that you are not required to make any payments to make a claim for compensation. The firm offers free claims advice to their clients but has no obligation to claim your compensation. Once the firm takes up your case they will do their best to help you win.

All the solicitors at Sapphire Claims Medical Malpractice Law Firm are experts in their specific areas and are governed by the Law Society. The law firm also offers services to take care of civil or criminal injuries that might take place at work. Essentially the solicitors are paid by the defendants and you are not required to pay anything unless your claim is fraudulent or you withhold some information that is necessary for the case fisled with Sapphire Claims Medical Malpractices Law Firm.