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Medical Malpractice Law Firm Case Studies

Finding medical malpractice law firm case studies can be a tricky business if you’re not a trained lawyer; the vast majority of cases are not published in the public domain, and as such you may not have direct access to them. If you are looking for medical malpractice law firm case studies, a good place to start is by contacting a medical malpractice law firm and asking if they have any case studies available for the public. Unfortunately the vast majority of case studies online do not apply to the United Kingdom, but relate to the United States of America. A good example of the latter form of case study is publically available through the PubMed central:

A UK Example

There is, however, one famous UK example, which shall be outlined below. Please note that this is for illustrative purposes only, and is only to be used as an example of one type of possible claim, as well as a means of highlight the moral side of medical malpractice claims.


The story begins with a patient; let’s call him John, who was diagnosed with cancer. He was told by his doctor that he had a severe form of the disease and would only live for another 6 months at best. John was understandably devastated, as were his family and friends, and began making preparations for his death. He did as best he could in saying goodbye to his loved ones and prepare both them and himself for his impending departure.

Last Days in Life

Knowing that he only had a short while left to live, John decided to make the most of it. He freed up as much of his capital as he could, quit his job, and lived life to its fullest; he did the things he had dreamed of doing to the extent possible. As John saw it, he would have no need for money or possessions where he was going.

Incorrect Diagnosis

As the time of John’s death drew closer, he returned to the hospital to have further tests done in order to see whether his condition was progressing as expected. It was at this point that his doctor realised his mistake: John wasn’t dying at all, and his cancer was treatable. He would live a full, long life. While relieved that he wasn’t dying, John found himself with considerably less money at his disposal than he had planned for at this stage in life: he had spent it all when he though he was dying, and now he would have to start over again.

Add to that the considerable emotional suffering that both John and his friends and family had been exposed to, and you will have a clear picture of John’s unusual and terrible situation. John decided to sue the doctor due to the effects of his incorrect diagnosis which had completely changed the life of John and those around him alike.

This constitutes the basics of one of the most famous medical malpractice claims of recent times.