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Medical Malpractice Defence

Medical Malpractice is a common occurrence, and could be devastating for the professional who has been deemed negligent. Indeed, it may prove to be a very costly affair that could not only have substantial direct financial repercussions for the health professional in question, but may cost them both their job and their licence to practice medicine – which could, for obvious reasons, be life altering. While the very best way to avoid medical malpractice litigation is to be diligent in practising your skills, mistakes are human and anyone could make one – in fact, most of us do, with quite some frequency. The vast majority will not be serious or fatal, but some may be, and in those situations it is important that you, as a practising medical professional, is fully covered for the eventuality.

Medical Malpractice

There are a wide range of occurrences that may be considered medical malpractice. Indeed, anything that you as a medical professional do, or don’t do but should have, that leads to the deterioration of a patient’s condition, incurring a further condition or injury, or which spurs continued ill-health, may be considered a form of medical negligence and thus malpractice. Should the consequences be serious for your patient, they may choose to sue you for medical malpractice –at which point it is important that you have adequate medical malpractice defence.

Medical Malpractice Insurance Cover

While the institution for which you work will be insured against medical malpractice, and this will extend to cover the professionals who work within the institution, it makes sense to have your own cover as well. Why? Because the institution will have their best interest at heart, and will if necessary cut their losses (by, for instance, losing a doctor who can easily be replaced, rather than facing sizeable economic consequences) which may leave you out in the cold. Medical malpractice insurance cover can be purchased from a range of insurers, and serves as your first point of defence against medical malpractice claims.

The claimant will in 9 out of 10 cases be represented by a highly trained and experience lawyer who specialises in claiming for medical compensation; they will attack your professionalism, and scrutinise your treatment of the plaintiff (the patient) in much detail. Without legal training, standing up against such claims can be very difficult indeed, which is why you, too, need to be working together with a trained lawyer. These don’t come cheap, and having medical malpractice insurance cover ensures that you can afford solid medical malpractice defence.

Financial Cover

On top of providing you with a lawyer to sort out your legal medical malpractice defence, insuring against medical malpractice claims will also help you cover any financial claims for which you may be personally responsible, as well as any financial losses that you may personally accrue due to the legal action being taken against you. This latter category may include loss of income due to temporary suspension, and in some cases may cover future financial loss.