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Medical Malpractice Compensation

Medical malpractice is not to be taken lightly; it can have life changing consequences for the patient, as it may result in anything from loss of an organ, sense, or limb to psychological suffering. Anyone who has suffered unduly due to the incompetence or negligence of the medical professional in charge of they care may be eligible for compensation.

How Do I Know If I Have A Valid Claim?

It would be virtually impossible to say whether your particular claim is valid without seeing the details of your case, but as a general there are a couple of points that are good indicators as to whether or not your claim is valid:

  • If you were given incorrect treatment which lead a worsened condition;
  • If your doctor failed to diagnose your condition correctly within an acceptable amount of time – this will vary depending on what your condition is, and only a legal advisor will be able to help you determine whether or not you particular case is a valid basis for medical malpractice compensation;
  • If you were injured during a treatment – examples may include punctured organs during an endoscopy; or
  • If any medical personnel treated your incorrectly or subjected you to discrimination on any grounds.

Any of these may serve as a good basis upon which to build a case for medical malpractice compensation, though there are several further grounds that may also entitle you to a claim. Once again, the only way to determine with any certainty whether or not you have may be entitled is to contact a medical compensation professional.

Who Can Help Me?

The best way to build a case is to contact a medical malpractice lawyer. In terms of finding one, you have a choice between using one of the big national players (for example National Accident Helpline or InjuryLawyers4U to name but two) – the advantage of using one of these firms is that they use a “No Win – No Fee” policy which means that you will not have to pay for their services unless they succeed in securing your claim.

The second option is to use a local lawyer, and the best way to find one is to contact your local social security office. They will have a list of lawyers in your local vicinity that offer medical malpractice claim advice, and the advantage of using one of these lawyers is simply one based on geography; you can visit them and as needed. As many people find it difficult to work with someone who they have not met before, or can’t see in person, this may be preferable to some.

What Else Can I Do?

Apart from making a claim, you may also want to file a complaint to the General Medical Council. This is a fairly straightforward process which can be completed online, and more information can be found through the General Medical Council’s websites, available at: The GMC also offer general information regarding patient rights, which may help you establish whether you have been mistreated.