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Medical Malpractice Attorney

Interestingly, a lot of people are unsure as to whether they need a medical malpractice attorney, lawyer, or solicitor – in reality, they are all the same. Each is a name used to describe a law professional who specialises in making medical malpractice claims.

Are Medical Malpractice Attorney’s Expensive?

Some are, some are not. However, the vast majority of medical malpractice attorneys in the UK today operate by on a “no win, no fee” basis whereby you only have to pay them if they win your case and you gain compensation due to your injury. As such, you will not need to worry about fees that you may not able to pay. Indeed, many of them are also able to recover the fees from the defending side should you win, further reducing the stress placed upon the claimant.

What do Medical Malpractice Attorneys do?

As any type of lawyer, medical malpractice attorneys help their clients build a case. Through their extensive legal training and experience, they are able to determine whether your injury is cause for a claim, and assuming that it is they will help you build a case against whomever you are claiming. This is an incredibly complex process which requires detailed knowledge of doctors’ requirements as well as patient’s rights (of which you can find out more through the General Medic Council, available online at - not to mention previous cases, both failed and successful, which takes years and years to build up.

Why are Medical Malpractice Attorneys Needed?

Unfortunately, it does happen that a doctor fails to diagnose an obvious case – or takes too long to do so – and this can lead to incredibly suffering on behalf of the patient. Likewise, a doctor may make an incorrect diagnosis, or prescribe the wrong treatment, again this can lead to undue pain and suffering. It may even lead to the death of patient who could have survived had they been given the correct diagnosis. All of these are basis upon which a medical malpractice attorney can build a solid case, and there is little doubt that it is well deserved.

A patient who has suffered undue physical or psychological pain due to the blatant misconduct or incompetence of a professional in whose hands they have placed their health has every right to compensation. Unfortunately, gaining this compensation isn’t a simple matter of filling out a complaints form and receiving a cheque – as mentioned above, it’s a complex legal process that requires substantial knowledge of relevant areas of the law. Few would argue that someone who has lost a limb, sense, or even spouse or child due to the failures of their doctor isn’t deserving of compensation – while it can’t undo what has been done, it can go some way towards returning to a relatively normal life. It may also be the case that a patient is unable to return to work, and thus loses a considerable amount of income, due to an incorrect diagnosis – a medical malpractice attorney can help them reclaim this lost income.